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For: Product managers, office managers, facility managers, IT managers, Financial controllers, budget holders, department managers.

PIDOCU is a software solution that takes care of standard business processes without user intervention, avoiding human errors.

With six different roles ordering and delivery processes are fully automated whilst keeping an intact relationship between all parties involved.

PIDOCU provides a complete authorization workflow between business user requests and department management. Thanks to clear roles and assignments, each member of the chain can fulfill one’s tasks rapidly and efficiently with no room for mistakes.

The product manager defines all products and services available to the organization. The budget holder manages the services or products used within his own department. If necessary, budget holders can assign the role of authorizer to persons who will be responsible for approving the requests. A delivery manager can also be created to manage the reception and installation of goods such as mobile devices. Users can request directly products and services they need. Of course these requests will go through a formal authorization process.

PIDOCU is also suitable for administering the supply of products, software and (maintenance) subscriptions internally. Suppliers receive a message with all information about the goods they have to deliver when a request has been granted through the workflow. See our graphic below on the full delivery capabilities. Too much for you? PIDOCU already functions with only TWO different roles assigned to accomodate smaller organizations.

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