With PIDOCU you can say goodbye to spreadsheets

Within every organization people have to deal with reporting. Reports that are often created with a spreadsheet application. The more advanced the spreadsheet author, the more complex those spreadsheets become. Not only with regard to the readability, but certainly in maintenance. Not with PIDOCU, a solution from BPdelivery.

Overviews that are created from within the facility- or the ICT departments are about services and products that are internally delivered, their costs, the suppliers and the employees using them. Most of the time this information resides in different places on the network, sometimes with different people maintaining the information and in multiple, separate spreadsheets. Not with PIDOCU.

Within the organization monthly overviews need to be created to provide reports over the current situation. For management this is necessary input to be able to steer the organization. The readability and completeness of these reports are not always taken care off, especially when information needs to be gathered from multiple sources. And still you ask yourself if all information is in the reports. Not with PIDOCU.

Periodically all information is presented by employees who are busy to keep track of all data they need to process and make sure to get it all in readable and presentable reports at the end of each period. This takes up a lot of their valuable time. Not with PIDOCU.

Within PIDOCU you do not only control the products and services you deliver internally or offer to your external customers, but is reporting about those services and products easier than ever. From the products- and portfolio module you are capable to access every bit of information you need from your own environment at any moment in time. Everyone has access to his or her own portal where management is facilitated to have the total overview. With one click on the button you receive clear reports about employees, products in use, the offered services and comprehensive reports on the costs.



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