Invoice Management

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For: Financial controllers, budget holders and department managers

We deliver complete reporting where past and future costs are made transparent per user, department, location or the organization as a whole.

Whatever your employees are using, you always want to have full insight in the costs per month. When you work with cost centres or internal budgets for managers or the employees themselves, it is now easy to see the monthly costs.

It is also possible to look ahead and see how much each delivered item will costs every upcoming month. Especially with Cloud deliveries that is a welcome feature. There are no surprises for your organization anymore.
PIDOCU can generate a full report with purchased accounts and applications, products and infrastructure connectivity. The report is the specification of the invoice to be generated.

Through the reporting function of PIDOCU, budget holders always have an overview of the costs incurred per location, department and person. Departments with internal customers can use this to substantiate their internal costs.



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