Contract Management

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For: Contract Managers, Facility Managers, IT Managers, Administrators, Product managers

All contract information and conditions with the suppliers linked to each product in the system. 

The price for a product can be defined either for a given amount of time (hour, day or month) or just once as a disposable item. It is possible to define staggered prices in case multiple orders from the same article apply.
For connections, servers and mobile devices you can configure variable data such as data speed, amount of processing units, diskspace, memory, amount of calling minutes, internet traffic etc. You set a minimum and a maximum, the size of the steps in between and the price per step. Several options are also possible such as backup for servers or insurance for mobile devices.

It is also possible to define the contract duration for each item. All relevant information about each product is mentioned in a text field by the product. It is also possible to attach a contract to the product by a simple pdf upload.

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