Full orchestration of business processes between ordering, delivery and invoicing. All information in ONE solution


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PIDOCU makes it easy to manage your business and costs.



Accelerate the Digital Transformation of your organization the easy way: PIDOCU automates internal business processes between buyers, users and suppliers without affecting the relationship between all parties. All steps of these standard business processes are automated in order to avoid unintended mistakes.

PIDOCU allows you to manage costs efficiently, especially for Controllers, Buyers, Office- and IT managers and responsible Department Managers.

PIDOCU is an abbreviation for:

Product and Portfolio Management (what do you deliver internally or to other organizations)
 Invoice Management (Overview of monthly costs and reporting from a variety of perspectives)
Delivery Management (Who delivers what and on what terms)
Order Management (Manage the orders and deliveries from all suppliers)
Contract Management (Contracts are attached to products and services, forget the paperwork)
User Management (Who is using what and at what costs. Manage your own organization with ease)

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PIDOCU is a SaaS solution and is 24/7 available. It is used for any service or product you deliver. Have a look at our video. English and French subtitles by pressing on the subtitle button:



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Our Professionals

Our professional staff is highly skilled to answer any question you may have, from integration to development. And if you are interested in partnership, we have a full incentive program ready for you to participate instantly. We are looking for partners abroad within the European Union to expand our activities.

Maurice van der Woude – CEO

The mastermind behind it all, thinking about concepts, identifying the market needs, the absolute specialist on Cloud Computing, Cloud brokerage and Digital transformation. PIDOCU, BPDELIVERY and BPCONNECT are the result of his years of expertise about business networks and business processes. Whatever you expect from us as an organization, you should definitely meet the CEO of BPdelivery. Drop an email to get in touch and we will make sure you get (BP)Connected.

Juraj Zelenay – Business Consulting

Juraj is an experienced consultant in many ways. He possesses deep knowledge on Cloud Computing and how you might be able to practice this within your own company. IaaS, PaaS or SaaS? No secret from either Cloud Computing element is safe from him. Want to know more about how to implement Cloud Computing within your organization? Just drop us an email and we will help you out.

Lorenz Bearmann – Contract Management

Lorenz is our organizational legal expert. Not only does he connect legal aspects of Cloud computing to Contract management, but he breathes contract management. Whatever questions you have on contracts, life cycle management or model contract clauses, he is the man you must meet. Want to know more about this? Contact us via email and we will make sure to connect you with him to discuss the possibilities for your organization.

Corinne Cantor – Partner relations

Corinne has intense know how of the French market. And apart from that, she speaks  a number of languages fluently to ensure our partners abroad can discuss anything in their own language with her. With her extensive knowledge about the ins and outs of PIDOCU she is a valuable asset to our organization. Want to know more about our partner program or PIDOCU ? You should definitely talk to Corinne. Just drop us an email and we will ensure you and Corinne are connected ASAP.

Teunis Bambacht – Lead development

Whenever you want to talk about our technical consciousness, Teunis is the man you want to meet. We are not only proud of our lead developer, he also knows business. A rare but highly valued combination within BPdelivery, especially with an application like PIDOCU at stake. All the ins and outs of the technical setting of our product is under his supervision. Do you fancy Tech talk? Talk to this man!

Rastislav Neczli – SAP integration

Rastislav is our Slovakian partner and he is highly skilled in the secrets of SAP. PIDOCU is able to connect to SAP in a seamless way so you can save money on expensive SAP modules and use modules within PIDOCU instead. Interested in knowing how? Just contact us and we tell you how we do this. Need help with SAP integration of any kind? Feel free to drop us an email.