product management

Manage and Control every Product you deliver within your Organization

invoice management

Have a complete Financial Overview of your Monthly costs on Products and Services

supplier management

Manage all your Suppliers, their Contracts and Products in one solution

user management

Who is using what within the Organization and what does it cost periodically

About us

PIDOCU optimizes your Organization to save costs.

Accelerate the Digital Transformation of your organization the easy way: PIDOCU automates internal business processes between your organization and your suppliers without affecting the relationship between all parties involved.

PIDOCU allows you to manage costs efficiently. Especially for Controllers, Buyers, Office- and IT managers and responsible Department Managers. PIDOCU is a product from BPdelivery.

Video time

Ins and Outs

Take a look at our 2 minute video to learn the ins and outs of PIDOCU, a Cloud solution by BPdelivery.

(subtitles in French and English available)

The secrets of our success

We combine every single standard business process into ONE solution. Without ever going to be complex. You do not need any technical knowledge to use PIDOCU. It has been created with business users and their demands always in the back our minds. Suitable for any kind of business, small or large.

ISO connectivity

PIDOCU connects seamlessly to ISO27001 and ISO9001 certifications with Asset Management and the Supplier module.

No spreadsheets

With PIDOCU you can finally say goodbye to spreadsheets with difficult calculations. PIDOCU does the work for you with the Reporting module..

different roles

PIDOCU works with different roles. Basicly you will only need two of them. For larger and international organizations PIDOCU has more features available

totally saas

PIDOCU is a Cloud solution. This means that you can access the application anywhere on the globe 24/7. Doing business from a distance has never been easier.

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Some news worthwhile reading

PIDOCU offers specific elements that improve the efficiency and costs within Organizations. We often publish whitepapers and look at ourselves and others to improve our services. Take a look at what we have to say on Business improvement.

With PIDOCU you can say goodbye to spreadsheets Within every organization people have to deal with reporting. Reports that are often created with a spreadsheet application. The more advanced the spreadsheet author, the more complex those spreadsheets become. Not only with regard to the readability, but […]
In the era of digital transformation you do not want to stay behind with your organization. With PIDOCU you have the perfect tool to be the leader of the pack. You control all digital documents within your organization and meanwhile you digitize your primairy business processes. […]
Did you ever hear about the Blue Ocean Strategy? In short; with the Blue Ocean Strategy you compare the main elements of your solution, product or service to your competitors. You differentiate from your competitors on different levels and you make that visible through a comparison […]